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As we communicate with educators around the world, it has become our mission to work with and provide ESL materials at a reduced rate to those living in a time of limited financial opportunities.
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This conversational English Second series includes four Modules, each divided into two Parts. Each Part comprises a Student Reader, Student Workbook and a Teachers' Guide.

All lessons stress oral and written language presented in sentences. Directions for each activity are included on the student's pages.

Our students consistently voted the Oral Questions with each lesson as the most helpful activity.

A Glossary is provided in each Student Workbook.



This series of classroom tested textbooks is written for students between the ages of 5 and 12. As children have a special capacity for learning languages, oral language is stressed, while grammar in delayed until the ages of eleven or twelve.  The exciting stories and the colorful activities keep the students actively participating throughout the ready to use lessons. We suggest that you laminate or place the Picture Bingo cards in plastic sheet protectors so they can be used many times.

To provide for easy presentation, the teacher’s instructions are written in small boxes on each page.

We suggest that teachers and schools could cut their expenses by placing the games in clear plastic sheet protectors and sealing them with tape. Small picture pages could be laminated and cut.


Learning English with Laughter’s Mission

Our clients from many countries of the world are communicating with us about the economic difficulties they are experiencing due to the economies of their countries.
We are committed to reaching out to schools, organizations, individuals and those who have financial limitations, to offer our English Second Language materials at a reduced price to any who are working to broaden their opportunities for a better lifestyle.

English - the language  of international communication
During the past decades English has become the business language of the world. As international communication through the Internet is now readily available to a majority of the population, individuals from far flung areas, who would never have dreamed of conversing with each other, now meet on the social media. A basic knowledge of English allows them to bridge the language barrier. In this way new social groups are created while cross cultural understanding spreads out around the world.

Accents and Idioms
Many years ago the United Nations stated that the English language is universal and always acceptable if it can be understood. There is no one correct accent or phrasing. As different cultures learn to speak, their word order, idioms and attitudes will creep into their English. If we listen to the cultures that are native speakers we hear widely differing accents and an interesting range of idioms and expressions. This in no way detracts from the language or the understanding of it but rather, it makes communication more interesting. As individuals it broadens our horizons.

Let’s talk about jobs.
Our planet faces many problems today and communication is essential to the search for solutions. The rapid progress of computer technology produces machines and robots that can efficiently do the work of humans. Consequently, jobs are lost leaving millions of people without the training necessary to participate in this new world. This same technology offers opportunities. Individuals can now communicate globally to market their abilities.

What can people do?
Individuals can try to diversify their training and think in imaginative ways, considering new or old ideas. Imagine doing something that you have never done before or something that your ancestors did that could be adapted to today’s world. This can be an exciting journey.

Your knowledge of English can improve your life.
Let us consider those who speak English. Even though your knowledge of the language may not be perfect, you could offer help to beginners by following a complete ready to use  conversational program. As you teach, your English will improve along with that of your students. All of us at Learning English with Laughter are committed to helping you as best we can. Such a humble beginning could lead you to a new and exciting future.

Learning English can open new doors
If you were to consider learning English these points might come to mind.
- Increasingly many employers require a knowledge of English.

- If you are interested in working up to higher positions within your employment situation, English could be a great advantage.
- As populations migrate around the globe you will encounter those who don’t speak your language in your neighborhood, at social gatherings and at work. English is your key to gaining some insights into such a situation.
- Language barriers can occur within families as children grow and marry. A knowledge of English could be the key to establishing a compatible relationship.

What can we offer?
We at Learning English with Laughter encourage you to explain or discuss your situation with us. Let us know where you live and how English might offer new opportunities for you. According to your situation, we will be pleased to work with you, offer you reduced prices on our ESL materials and make suggestions, if asked. Please get in touch with us and let us know your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.
e-mail: info@successfulesl.com

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