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This conversational English Second series includes four Modules, each divided into two Parts. Each Part comprises a Student Reader, Student Workbook and a Teachers' Guide.

All lessons stress oral and written language presented in sentences. Directions for each activity are included on the student's pages.

Our students consistently voted the Oral Questions with each lesson as the most helpful activity.

A Glossary is provided in each Student Workbook.



This series of classroom tested textbooks is written for students between the ages of 5 and 12. As children have a special capacity for learning languages, oral language is stressed, while grammar in delayed until the ages of eleven or twelve.  The exciting stories and the colorful activities keep the students actively participating throughout the ready to use lessons. We suggest that you laminate or place the Picture Bingo cards in plastic sheet protectors so they can be used many times.

To provide for easy presentation, the teacher’s instructions are written in small boxes on each page.

We suggest that teachers and schools could cut their expenses by placing the games in clear plastic sheet protectors and sealing them with tape. Small picture pages could be laminated and cut.


We are aware that economic conditions vary from place to place around the world and are willing to offer discounted prices for areas where a discount may be necessary. Please contact us.


Limited License- Your school may print the number of copies required. There is a limit of one license allowed per school, and there are restrictions, including no distribution or applications online.