These science fiction videos are for English Second Language children ages 6 to 12.


Visitors from Saturn video is written for English second language children ages, 6 to 10.

This colorful graphics novel provides the children with an opportunity to hear English spoken by native speakers while they enjoy the pictures and see the written language.

It continues with a Picture Bingo Game.                                                                                                                   Instructions are included on the video that allow for the printing of up to 30 Bingo Cards.                                         These are followed by instructions on how to play.                                                                                                 

When the students are ready, the video continues with the callout sentences for the Bingo.

There are two sets of callouts:

The first gives extra time for the students to place their markers on the correct picture. We suggest using seeds or small squares of paper so the printed pages can be used again.
The second set of callouts challenges the students by providing much less time for them to mark their picture.        
If desired, the caller can go to the key at the end of the video and call the sentences.

Price: $6.95


This video, Adventures in Canada is for English second language children ages 6 to 12.
Two children are visited by four aliens and they all go for a visit to Canada. In Canada they camp, ski, fish and have many adventures.

The video includes a Bingo game with instructions on how to play. There are two sets of call outs, set to different speeds, so that the players can learn from the first set, and be challenged by the second set.

Price: $6.95