In our experience teaching, we sometimes found that the class was restless and inattentive. This is the time to have an activity that involves the whole class. It is surprising how the class changes when they are having fun!
Students can enjoy their classes!
This book contains 5 different activities that are designed for Beginners' classes, using the vocabulary found in Module 1 Part 1 of our Teen-Adult Curriculum series. These are among our most popular activities, and they make teaching a lot pleasant and productive.
This is the first in a series of 8 books.

Make your classes more exciting!

Students studying English are usually prepared to work hard, but this can eventually kill any enthusiasm. These activities are designed to teach English in a pleasant and relaxed way that encourages laughter.

This book is designed for High Beginners’ classes. It can be used along with any curriculum, but is specially made to accompany Learning English With Laughter  Module 1 Part 2.



Add variety to your lessons!

When the things that you do in the classroom are varied from time to time, the students find it refreshing and it gives them incentive to get ahead and learn.

These activities are designed for High Beginners, at a level corresponding to Module 2 Part 1 of the Learning English With Laughter series. However, it is suitable for students of that level studying other programs.



Students working together overcome their fears!
The five activities in this book have the students working in groups. In this way, they relax and help each other. Although the activities lead to a lot of laughter and enjoyment, the students learn a lot.
This book corresponds with Module 2 Part 2 of the Learning English With Laughter series curriculum.

Students can have fun while
learning English!
There are five imaginative activities
in this book that encourage students to write and speak good English. In working together with these activities, the students are able to relax and help each other. The level of these activities corresponds with Module 3 Part 1 of our Learning English With Laughter Series.