These ESL videos are good fun for your English Classes. As music is received in a different part of the brain these easy repetitive songs offer a new mode for learning.
We suggest that when you click on the links below, you turn up the volume of your device and encourage the students to sing along.

Help your students to learn the alphabet through singing this song.
As music is processed in a different part of the brain, songs open new doors for learning.
Have your children's classes enjoy this fun action song.
This Old Man Song has the repetition that they love and the funny nonsense words.
Old MacDonald Had A Farm Song is loved by the children of the English speaking countries.
Each verse introduces another farm animal and is followed by the introductory verse.
Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song

Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree is an action song that keeps the children moving, listening and singing
the names of the body parts.
It's a fun way to learn.
Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree